Enterprise Resources Planning Program

► Introduction

The purpose of this program is to cultivate the student to meet the requirement of the country and economy development. This program is designed by the demand of the regional industry and fulfills our goal – "Industry-University Collaboration" and "pragmatic learning experience."

► Program Planning

  1. Combining our Professors and mentors with practical experience: We will collaborate with Digiwin Software and their teachers to offer the courses with professional knowledge. Moreover, Digiwin Software will offer the internship opportunity for the student in our college. The student who meets the requirement will enable to work in Digiwin Software after graduation.
  2. Multi-Wins Situation: Our college will cooperate with Digiwin Software for the Industry-University Collaboration Project to offer the resources that Digiwin Software needs. Otherwise, we can establish the Enterprise Resources Planning Program for the students in Yuntech. They can train by the executives who serve in the corporates. Therefore, we hope this program can create the multi-wins
  3. Regulations: student must get more than 23 credits, and the required courses are shown as follow.


Types of courses


Name of the course


Skill training

(6 credits)


Enterprise operation and information  applying practice (3 credits)

Enterprise resources management-Distribution module (3 credits)


(10 credits)


Internship(I) (5 credits)

Internship(II) (5 credits)


General course (7 credits)

Professional courses (3 credits)

Choose one from four



1. Global Supply Chain Management (3 credits)

2. Enterprise Resource Planning-Financial Accounting Modules (3 credits)

3. Electronic Business (3 credits)

4. Project Management (3 credits)

Foundation Course (3 credits)

Choose one from four


1. Business Ethics (2 credits)

2. Engineering Ethics (2 credits)

3. Accounting(I) (2 credits)

4. Management(I) (2 credits)

General Courses

(2 credits)

Choose one from four


1. Information Literacy and Learning Efficacy (2 credits)

2. Intellectual Property Law (2 credits)

3. Career and Education Planning (2 credits)

4. An Introduction to Methods of Thinking (2 credits)

► Features

Enterprise resources management-Distribution module, Enterprise operation, and information applying practice.

► How to apply?

Apply on the program webpage to become a member of this program.

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