Entrepreneurship and Innovation Program

► Introduction

In the era of knowledge, innovation is a key to economic development. Without a doubt, the spirit of innovation is an important power for economic. The enterprise without innovation will decline soon, especially for technology industry; this becomes a trend that is inevitable. The government offers tremendous resources to encourage industry and academic research to develop new technics and services. The school takes an important place no matter in technique or research, and it is the base camp for innovation, but how to create new energy for innovation is a key point. The purpose of this program is to cultivate the creative talent. We expect the student can learn new concept and technique including technology, management, finance and professional knowledge; by using interdisciplinary knowledge to enhance their creativity and also enhance student’s horizon.

► Program planning

The student in this program must earn at least 21 credits, including six credits (core courses) and 15 credits (elective courses). We divide this program into five groups group of design innovation and marketing, business management, entrepreneurship management, technological innovation and humanities innovation. A student can choose at least one of the five.

► Feature

  1. This program focusses on teaching student the knowledge of innovation and entrepreneurship, including the opportunity to start an undertaking and operating model. Moreover, we will discuss the opportunity, marketing, and teamwork in a different
  2. This program including core courses (6 credits) and elective courses (15 credits). Core courses will be divided into two semesters. The first semester will be “Innovation Business Introduction” to teach the concept of entrepreneurship, technology innovation and innovation opportunities in the different The second semester will be “New Venture Business planning” focus on creative thinking, applying innovation and participated in innovation planning and practice.
  3. The core courses not only teaching innovation concept but also emphasize on professional knowledge about technology, humanities, and creativity to broaden student’s horizon. The students can according to their interest and plan for future to select the elective courses. By combining student’s concept of innovation and professional knowledge they can have excellent performance.

► How to apply?

Apply on the program webpage and fill the general information to become a member of this program.

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