Bicycle Industry Courses Program

► Introduction

To fulfill Project for Developing the Model University of Science and Technology and narrow the workforce gap of the bicycle industry. We establish the Bicycle Industry Courses Program to cultivate interdisciplinary talent. This program offers for an undergraduate student in our university. This program including four-part learning, thematic production, internship, and employment service. In the first stage, our program will invite both academic and industry insider to teach at school; in the second stage, the student needs to finish a project which is given by the industry insider. The student who has good performance will be offered an internship opportunity. Finally, the student will offer jobs opportunity which enables they can work in the industry.

► Program planning

The student in this program must earn at least 20 credits, including eight credits(required courses) and 12 credits (elective courses)

► Feature

This program focuses on integrate featured courses in our university to assist bicycle industry cultivating talent and narrow workforce gap. After taking this program, the student will have a basic concept of design and marketing. The goal of this program is to make the student have the technique to analyze and solve the difficult problem.

► How to apply?

Apply on the program webpage and fill the general information to become a member of this program.

► Contact Us

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