Wealth Management Program

► Introduction

Nowadays, new financial instruments, investing strategy and management the risk of investing is getting more important. Thus the people who have professional knowledge of wealth management is getting popular. Jihsun Securities and our college cooperate with this program; offering business insider to have teaching experience, and students can learn the practical experience to cultivate the multidisciplinary expert.

► Program planning

The student in this program must earn at least 25 credits, including 16 credits(required courses) and nine credits (elective courses)

► Feature

To cultivate the talent in wealth management, this program focus on both professional knowledge and practice experience. There is the basic course for three credits, core courses for six credits, applying courses for six credits and internship for ten credits. In the core courses, the manager in Jihsun Securities will assist with teaching. We will help the students to get financial certifications as well.

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