Department of Accounting

► Introduction

The Department of Accounting was established with an undergraduate program in 2001. We set up master and EMBA programs in 2004 and 2005, respectively. To facilitates a complete program, this department finally erected the Ph.D. program in 2012.

► Mission

The mission of the undergraduate program aims to develop students to be a first line practitioner with accounting capabilities and professional ethics.

For the master program and EMBA program, we cultivate students with the capabilities of integration, analyses, and ethics to be an upper-level professional.

In the doctoral program, its mission is to foster students with the capabilities of doing research and teaching

► Features

To cultivate an accounting professional with skills of finance and management, this department possesses the following development features of internationalization.
1. Integration of information technology and law into the courses.

2. The assistance of industry professionals in designing courses to meet the demand for practices.

3. Fulfill the internships, employment guidance, and on-the-job training assistance.

4. Cross-culture learning environment.

► Faculty

The Department of Accounting currently has 12 full-time faculty members, including three professors, five associate professors, and four assistant professors. Among the members, 60% possess related practical experience and professional certificates, such as certified public accountants (CPA).

► Future Perspective

The College of Management obtained the accreditation of The Association to
1. The undergraduate program not only cultivates students with accounting, finance and management capabilities but also advances the acquisition of professional licenses, such as tax agents and certified public accountants (CPA)

2. To meet the specific career planning of graduate students, a postgraduate program set up three modules, including CPA, financial management, and internal auditing and forensic modules.

3. All the students in the EMAB program are from industries. To provide practice-oriented courses, the EMAB program offers courses by both the faculty members and the practitioners. The Department of Accounting establishes “Unique Courses” which comprise internal auditing and forensic, international finance and accounting information courses.

4. The Ph.D. program employs the concept of STP (segmentation, target, and position) to plan the courses deliveries. About the accounting sub-program, its structure differs from the traditional one (segmentation, S). Next, this sub-program focuses the student recruitments on the officers of the Government Accounting Office (GAO) (target, T). Third, this sub-program serves as the cradle of officers with theoretical knowledge and practical application capabilities (position, P). Regarding the industry sub-program, more accounting and management courses will be incorporated into its core courses to increase the learning scope and expand the range of research topics.

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