Bachelor Program in Business and Management

► Introduction

This bachelor program is established in 2017 and administered by the College of Management. The purpose of this program is to help employees or grassroots executives with (vocational) high school degrees to strengthen their basic business management skills, enhance coordination and communication abilities, develop team cooperation attitudes, and enhance their international perspective to face the environment of high global competitions.

► Mission

Cultivate students’ integration abilities and ethics in industrial and business management.

► Features

1. Practice-oriented and social participation planning
2. Strengthen the integration of industry and academic collaborations
3. Professional ethics and team cooperation attitude

► Faculty

Faculty of the College of Management joined teaching with the experts from the industries.

► Future Perspective

This bachelor program will combine our teaching capacities with local corporations which have competitive characteristics in central Taiwan to develop practice and problem-solving oriented courses that could help our students to gain more insight of the industries. Students could better understand and experience the actual work process and working environment in industries and will more easily step into the workplace without difficulties.

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