No Job Title Name Highest Education Level Expertise TEL/EXT Email Unit
1Professor & PresidentYang, Neng-ShuPh.D., Industrial Engineering, Pennsylvania State UniversityComputer-Integrated Manufacturing / Flexible Manufacturing System / Logistics Automation5337、2100、(05) of Industrial Engineering Management
2Professor & Vice PresidentSu, Chwen-TzengPh.D., Industrial Engineering, University of Texas at ArlingtonComputer-Integrated Manufacturing / Supply Chain Management / Production Management5114、(05) of Industrial Engineering Management
3Professor & Vice PresidentFang, Kwo-TingPh.D., Technology, Mississippi State UniversityStrategic analysis / Business Modernization / Sociology of the Internet / Quantity model / Information Resources Management5347、 of Information Management
4ProfessorChen, Cheng-HsuiPh.D., Business Administration, National Chengchi University / Harvard PCMPCLMarketing Management / Brand Marketing / Consumer Behavior / Strategy Management / Organization Management5232、(05) of Business Administration
5ProfessorLiu, Yung-ChingPh.D., Industrial Engineering, University of IowaHuman-Machine Interface / Human factors5124、5100、(05)5524-911、(05) of Industrial Engineering Management
6Professor & Director of Department of IEMLow, Chin-YaoPh.D., Industrial Engineering, Cleveland State UniversityProduction and Operation Management / Production Scheduling / Quality Engineering / Algorithm design / Optimization theory5131、5100、(05)5524-941、(05) of Industrial Engineering Management
7ProfessorCheng, Bor-WenPh.D., Industrial Engineering Auburn UniversityTotal Quality Management / Medical Management / Experimental Design/ ISO90005122、2548、2521、(05) of Industrial Engineering Management
8ProfessorFu, Ja-ChihPh.D., Industrial Engineering Lehigh UniversityDigital image and signal processing / Artificial intelligence / Pattern Recognition / Data Mining / Information fusion / Patent analyst5132、(05) of Industrial Engineering Management
9ProfessorHou, Tung-HsuPh.D., Industrial Engineering University at Buffalo, The State University of New YorkIntelligent Manufacturing System / human–computer interaction / Artificial Intelligence5115、(05) of Industrial Engineering Management
10ProfessorHuang, Chi-KongPh.D., Industrial Engineering University of Texas at ArlingtonFacility planning / Production Management / Logistics analysis5336、(05) of Industrial Engineering Management
11ProfessorKoo, Tong-YuanPh.D., Industrial Engineering, Oklahoma State UniversityCommerce Automation/ Total Quality Management / Production Management5335、(05) of Industrial Engineering Management
12ProfessorKuo, Yar-LinPh.D., Industrial Engineering Northwestern UniversityRandom processes / Dynamic planning5345、(05) of Industrial Engineering Management
13ProfessorLu, Ming-ShanPh.D. Mechanical engineering, Auburn UniversityFlexible manufacturing / Computer Integrated Manufacturing / Robot / Petri net / Manufacturing System Analysis and Design5129、(05) of Industrial Engineering Management
14ProfessorTorng, Chau-ChenPh.D., Industrial and Engineering System Management Arizona State UniversityQuality control / Experimental Design/ Time series / Reliability Engineering and Optimization5111、(05)5524-848 of Industrial Engineering Management
15Associate ProfessorChen, Min-ShengPh.D., Psychology, National Chung Cheng UniversityCognitive psychology / Human Factors Engineering5120、 of Industrial Engineering Management
16Associate ProfessorChiu, Jing-ErPh.D., Statistics, University of Missouri-ColumbiaMathematical Statistics / Quality Control / Multivariate analysis / Bayes' theorem5195、(05) of Industrial Engineering Management
17Associate ProfessorHung, Cheng-FangPh.D., Industrial Engineering University of Wisconsin-MadisonStrategic analysis / System analysis / Medical system5119、(05) of Industrial Engineering Management
18Associate Professor & Director of Bachelor Program in Business ManagementLu, Hsueh-YiPh.D., Industrial and Systems Engineering, University of Wisconsin-MadisonE-commerce APP/ Data Mining / System Simulation / Strategic analysis / Medical Management and Health Information5230、5007、(05) of Industrial Engineering Management
19Associate ProfessorYuan, Ming-JianPh.D., Industrial and Systems Engineering, The Ohio State UniversitySystem Simulation / Object-oriented system analysis and design / Site scheduling / Applied Statistics5113、(05) of Industrial Engineering Management
20Associate ProfessorPan, Wei-HwaPh.D., Business Administration, University of Birmingham /?Harvard PCMPCLInternational Business Management/ Emerging Markets / Managerial Economics5234、2390、(05) of Business Administration
21ProfessorYang, Jen-ShouPh.D., Business Administration, National Sun Yat-sen UniversityDecision-making behavior / Systematic Thinking and Simulation / Learning Organization / Organization Theory / Team effectiveness5221、(05) of Business Administration
22Associate ProfessorPan, Lee-YunPh.D., International Business, National Chengchi UniversityInternational Marketing/ Consumer Behavior / Marketing Management5241、5004、(05)5524-919、(05) of Business Administration
23ProfessorChen, Chih-YuanPh.D., Business Administration, National Chengchi University / Harvard PCMPCLStrategy Management / Operation Management / Entrepreneurial Management / General management5216、(05) of Business Administration
24ProfessorChung, Tsung-TingPh.D., International relations, The University of Denver?/ Harvard PCMPCLInternational Business Management/ Negotiation Theories and Practices / Business Crisis management / Economic and Relation across the Taiwan Strait / Strategic analysis5224、(05) of Business Administration
25ProfessorChen, Cin-YiPh.D., Educational Psychology, University of Southern CaliforniaEmotional management / Research methods / Psychology / Psychological test /Human Resource Management5220、(05) of Business Administration
26ProfessorJaw, ChyiPh.D., Business Administration, National Taiwan UniversityDiffusion of Innovations / Service Marketing / Internet Marketing / Marketing Strategy / Consumer Behavior5231、(05) of Business Administration
27ProfessorLai, Chi-ShiunPh.D., Business Administration, National Taiwan University / Harvard PCMPCLMarketing Management / Channel Management / Research methods5217、 of Business Administration
28ProfessorLin, Shang-PingPh.D., Educational Psychology, Mississippi State University / Harvard PCMPCLPersonnel Psychology / Human Resource Management / Organizational Behavior / Organization Theory5225、(05) of Business Administration
29ProfessorLiu, Yun-ShiPh.D., Business Administration, National Sun Yat-sen University / Harvard PCMPCLOrganization Theory / Organizational behavior / Human Resource Management5218、(05) of Business Administration
30ProfessorTsai, Chia-ChingPh.D., Business Administration, National Central University / Harvard PCMPCLMarketing Management/Consumer Behavior / Advertising / Organizational behavior5243、(05) of Business Administration
31Professor& Director of Teaching Excellence CenterYu, Hui-YunPh.D., Business Administration, National Sun Yat-sen University / Harvard PCMPCLEnterprise Ethics / Management theory / Industry competition analysis / Organization Theory5227、2251、 of Business Administration
32Associate ProfessorLei, Han-ShengPh.D., Business Administration, National Chengchi UniversityStrategy Management / Industry competition analysis / International Business Management /International Marketing5239、(05) of Business Administration
33Associate ProfessorHwang, Bang-NingPh.D., Technology Management, National Chiao Tung UniversityTechnological innovation / Technology Industry Analysis and Competitive Strategy / Value chain Integration /E-commerce/ Business Process Re-engineering5211、5200、(05)5524-833、(05) of Business Administration
34Associate Professor & Director of Department of Information ManagementChuang, Huan-MingPh.D., Technology Management, The University of IowaStrategic Information System / Marketing Information System / Customer Relationship Management5325、5300、(05)5524-893、(05) of Information Management
35Associate Professor & Deputy Director of Department of Information ManagementHuang, Chuen-MinPh.D., Library and Information Science, University of PittsburghDocument Management System / Automatic classification /Automatic Tect Summarization / Information Retrieval / Knowledge management5339、5300、(05)5524-843、(05) of Information Management
36ProfessorChen, Jong-ChenPh.D., Computer Science, Wayne State UniversityNeural network / System Simulation / Adaptive theory / Management Science5332、(05) of Information Management
37ProfessorCheng, Ching-HsuePh.D., System Management, Chung Cheng Institute of Technology, National Defense UniversityMedical Information Management / Knowledge management / Fuzzy Theory and Applications / Decision management5312、(05)5524-940 of Information Management
38Professor & Dean of College of ManagementCheng, Jao-HongPh.D., Management, National Cheng Kung UniversitySupply Chain Management / Knowledge management / Investment Information Management / Financial Engineering5324、5000、(05) of Information Management
39ProfessorHsu, Chung-ChianPh.D., Computer Science, Northwestern UniversityDatabase system / Data Mining / Artificial intelligence / Decision Support System5326、(05) of Information Management
40Professor & Associate Dean & Director of Intelligent Business CenterKoo, Tung-MingPh.D., Information Science, Oklahoma State UniversityInformation security / Data compression / Data Structure and Algorithm5330、(05) of Information Management
41ProfessorShih, Dong-HerPh.D., Electrical Engineering, National Cheng Kung UniversityMachine learning / Strategic analysis / Wireless network / Cyber security / E-commerce security5340、(05) of Information Management
42ProfessorTung, Sho-HuanPh.D., Computer Science, Indiana UniversityProgramming language / Information Systems / Visual language / Object-Oriented Technique5343、(05) of Information Management
43Associate ProfessorChang, Ching-TaoPh.D., Computer aided instruction, University of Illinois at Urbana-ChampaignComputer aided instruction / Web-based instructional design5346、(05) of Information Management
44Associate ProfessorHsu, Jih-ShihPh.D., Computer Science, Old Dominion UniversityHuman Machine Interface / Knowledge management /Ontology/ Computer-assisted learning environment5342、5010、 of Information Management
45Associate ProfessorHuang, Ching-FaPh.D., Information Science, Tohoku UniversityInformation network / Internet technology / Expert system / Internet agent5315、 of Information Management
46Associate ProfessorLee, Pao-JyhPh.D., Information Engineering , National Chiao Tung UniversityEnterprise Engineering Methodology/ Component-oriented system development / Strategy and Information Management /R&D Management5329、(05) of Information Management
47Associate Professor & Director of Information CenterShih, Hsueh-ChiPh.D., Computer Science, University of MissouriDistributed system / Database5327、2650、(05) of Information Management
48Associate ProfessorTang, Jeung-TaiPh.D., Information Management, Mississippi State UniversityInformation Resource Management / Information Technology Operations and Management / E-commerce5212、(05) of Information Management
49Professor & Director of Doctoral Program in Industrial ManagementChou, Shu-ChingPh.D., Financial and Economic Law, National Sun Yat-sen UniversityFinancial Empirical Study / Corporate Governance5417、(05)5524-944、(05) of Finance
50Associate ProfessorChiang, Ming-ChuPh.D., Financial Management, National Sun Yat-sen UniversityFinancial risk management / Real estate risk management / Financial measurement5421、
(05)5524-798 of Finance
51ProfessorCheng, Cheng-PingPh.D., Economics, Michigan State UniversityGrade / Financial measurement / China's economy5341、2280、(05) of Finance
52ProfessorHuang, Chin-ShengPh.D., Financial Economy, Mississippi UniversityFutures' option market / Financial Engineering5223、(05) of Finance
53Associate ProfessorHsu, Ai-ChiPh.D., Economics, Michigan State UniversityApplication metering / Financial market5413、 of Finance
54Associate Professor & Vice Chair of Department of FinanceLai, Yi-HsunPh.D., Finance, National Chung Cheng UniversityInsurance Financial Management / Property insurance / Financial Institution Management / Loan Sales and Relationship Banking5420、5400、(05) of Finance
55Associate Professor & & Chair of Department of FinanceLin, Shin-HungPh.D., Finance, National Taiwan UniversityInvestment / Financial Engineering / Financial Management5416、5400、(05) of Finance
56ProfessorChen, Yahn-ShirPh.D., Accounting, National Chengchi UniversityFinancial Accounting / Audit / Tax accounting5414、(05) of Accounting
57Associate Professor & Chair of Department of AccountingSun, Chia-MingPh.D., Information Management, National Chiao Tung UniversityComputer audit / IT governance / Enterprise Resource Planning / Accounting Information System5514、5500、(05)5524-928、(05) of Accounting
58ProfessorChen, Ching-LungPh.D., Management, National Yunlin University of Science and TechnologyFinancial Accounting / Tax and Auditing Empirical Research5515、(05) of Accounting
59ProfessorFu, Chung-JenPh.D., Accounting, National Chengchi UniversityManagement accounting / Enterprise Evaluation and Analysis5511、(05)5524-924 of Accounting
60Associate Professor & Director of Center for Business and Management ResearchChen, Chung-KuangPh.D., Accounting, National Chengchi UniversityBehavioral Finance / Enterprise evaluation and analysis5516、(05) of Accounting
61Professor & Vice Chair of Department of AccountingHuang, Chiung-YaoPh.D., Business Administration, National Chung Hsing UniversityFinancial Accounting / Earnings management / finance prediction / Corporate Governance / Corporate social responsibility5518、5500、(05) of Accounting
62Associate ProfessorLin, Yu-ChihPh.D., Accounting, University of LancasterFinancial Accounting5520、(05)5524-906、(05) of Accounting
63Assistant ProfessorChen, Yi-ChungPh.D., Computer Science and Information Engineering, National Cheng Kung UniversitySocial Network,Spatio-Temporal Database,Artificial Intelligent,System Identification (05)534-2601轉 of Industrial Engineering and Management
64Assistant ProfessorLin, I-ChunPh.D., Management Information System, National Chung Cheng UniversitySystem Evaluation: User Perspective,Technology Adoption: Individual considerations,Change Management: User Resistance,Medical Informatics,Health Information Standards (05)534-2601轉 of Industrial Engineering and Management
65Associate ProfessorHsieh, Tsung-YuPh.D., Money and Banking, National Chengchi UniversityFinancial Management,Financial Innovation,Economics,Financial Risk Management   (05)534-2601轉 of Business Administration
66Assistant ProfessorChen, Hsiang-ChunPh.D., International Business Administration, University of Nottingham, U.K.Market Entry Strategy,Strategic Alliance,Practice Transfer,Cross-Cultural Management (05)534-2601轉 of Business Administration
67Associate ProfessorLiu, Chih-LiangPh.D., Management, National Chiao Tung University Corporate Governance,Risk Management,Financial Institution (05)534-2601轉 of Finance
68Assistant ProfessorChang, Tzu-PuPh.D., Institute of Business and Management, National Chiao Tung UniversityInvestment,Financial Market,Financial Institution (05)534-2601轉 of Finance
69Assistant ProfessorKuo, Shew-HueiPh.D., Economics, Iowa State University, U.S.AFinancial Risk Management,Time Series Econometrics,Financial Markets (05)534-2601轉 of Finance
70Assistant ProfessorHsu, Ching-YuPh.D., Finance, National Taiwan UniversityCorporate Finance,Financial Empirical Study (05)534-2601轉 of Finance
71Assistant ProfessorLin, Hsien-PingPh.D., Finance, National Chung Cheng UniversityCorporate finance,Investment,Venture Capital (05)534-2601轉 of Finance
72Assistant ProfessorWei, Yu-ShanPh.D., Management, National Chiao Tung UniversityTax Regulations,Government Accounting,Finance, Mixed Regulations,Marketing Management (05)534-2601轉 of Accounting
73Assistant ProfessorWang, Hann-PyngPh.D., Business Administration (Accounting), National Taiwan UniversityBehavioral Accounting,Management Accounting (05)534-2601轉 of Accounting
74Assistant ProfessorHe, Li-JenPh.D., Accounting, National Chengchi UniversityIauditing,Accounting Information System,Financial Accounting (05)534-2601轉 of Accounting
75Assistant ProfessorChen, Hui-ChiaoPh.D., Business Administration, National Central UniversityInternal Control and Internal Audit,Enterprise Resource Planning,Cost and Management Accounting,Auditing (05)534-2601轉 of Accounting
76Assistant ProfessorPan, Chao-JungPh.D., Management Accounting, National Taiwan UniversityFinancial information quality,Management accounting,Corporate Governance (05)534-2601轉 of Accounting
77Assistant ProfessorYang, Chung-ChengPh.D., Economics , National Chengchi UniversityInvestment, Money and Banking, Quantitative Analysis (05)534-2601轉 of Accounting
78Assistant ProfessorTsai, Chia-AnPh.D., Information Management, National Chung Cheng UniversityDigital Marketing/ Project Management/ Healthcare Information/ Quantitative Analysis  (05)534-2601轉 of Information Management
79Assistant ProfessorLiu, Yan-QingPh.D., Technology Management, National Chung Hsing University, TaiwanE-commerce / technology management / marketing management(05)534-2601轉 of Business Administration
80Assistant ProfessorHong, Yu-XinPh.D., Transportation and Logistics Management, National Chiao Tung UniversityData Exploration / Internet of Things / Intelligent Manufacturing / Machine Learning / Massive Data Analysis / Computer Aided Learning (05)534-2601轉 of Industrial Engineering and Management
81Assistant ProfessorChen, Wei-TingPh.D., Engineering Science and Ocean, National Taiwan University Mathematical Planning Model / Transportation System Analysis / Logistics Operations Management / Air Transportation (05)534-2601轉 of Industrial Engineering and Management
82Assistant ProfessorLiu, Wen-RangPh.D., Department of Finance and Finance, National Taiwan UniversityAsset Pricing Empirical Research / Derivative Financial Market / Investment (05)534-2601轉 of Finance
83LecturerXiao, Qiu-MingDoctoral candidate for international business management at National Taiwan UniversityFinancial Engineering / Capital Asset Evaluation / Semiparametric Bayesian Analysis / Parent Regression Analysis(05)534-2601轉 of Finance